brand experiences through AR

Let’s imagine a new reality together where anything is possible.

At Zepher we mix Augment Reality and real world applications to seamlessly enhance your customer experience.

Providing practice but fun solutions with cutting edge techniques.

Imagine something new

Our Values

Delightful & Useful

2 simple tenets that drive our company.

We create delightful experiences that engage people and keep everyone enjoying your brand.

All of applications and filters must be useful to pass our stress test. By useful we mean it must add value or solve a problem. Most AR filters are really just entertaining, we want to push the boundaries and find practical applications for AR filters.

Our Skills

Mask filters on Instagram,
Facebook and Snapchat

Product based filters Instagram,
Facebook and Snapchat

Immersive environments built
as filters or in an AR application

AR mini games

Disclaimer! we have loads more of the regular design agency skills but these ones set us apart from the usual agency.

We specialise in these platforms

Recent Projects


Virtual try on for glasses brand

Wear them

The company car

Explore our Ferrari environment

Test Drive

The story puzzle

Explore the story behind each real world puzzles


Who are you today?

Let’s play some filter roulette



Virtual try-on for Kids
prescription eyewear brand

Wear them

Our Team

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Creative Director & product designer

UX/UI, Brand, service design

With over 20 years of experience as a Designer and Creative Director Mo brings a depth of creative problem solving skills to the team.

Specialising in digital product design, branding and technology scoping. Mo can project manage, design and direct your next campaign, brand launch or your SaaS platform build.


Full Stack Developer

3D, JavaScript, VFX

Developer of advanced filters and effects for Instagram and Facebook. Mikhail designs 3D models, interaction algorithms, user interface, program code, visual effects and graphics.

An expert in Blender, Spark AR, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.


Dmitry Full Stack Developer

PHP, Ruby, Angular, Vue, Node & React

Dmitry is our E-commerce specialist with extensive experience in Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, React Native, AngularJS, NodeJS, RubyOnRails, Laravel and WordPress.

Dmitry is also an accomplished UI designer with a focus on prototyping and interface micro-animation.